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Hi! I am Arnav. I build apps, websites, and teach people to code! I have always loved fiddling with computers. Made my first gif stop-motion animation with photos of Hotwheels cars and G.I.Joe action figures when I was in 4th grade, and since then have always loved creating videos, websites, and apps on my computer.

Of late, I am more of a cynic and have a bleak outlook on the diminishing attention spans of the entire population, the culture of outrage being a political force, and the steady destruction of the planet and climate change.

Laurels I rest on -

what is this newsletter

I very regularly rant on Twitter about

  • tech companies and startups making products I do not like (or think should not exist)

  • surveillance capitalism, ads proliferating our world

  • financial policy, which often excludes the underprivileged

  • tech education - which focusses a lot of ‘scaling’ and hyped-up terms like blockchain, AI, while missing the fundamentals

Some of those threads full of rants, end up on this newsletter.

Issues are fairly irregular! You have been warned.

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Founder🚀 https://codingblocks.com ❚ Android Lead💼 @Target; ex @Zomato ❚ Teaching Programming 👨‍🏫👨‍💻 ~7 years ❚ Podcast🎙 https://anchor.fm/techno-unplug